that poor lady turned to stone


23. Boston. i appreciate the sassy people in life.

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glow from the light post


among the trees
a slab of granite,
a prayer book,
a bit of rope,
and the bittersweet rise and fall
of freedom in a 
post-identity world

yesterday I had bubble tea three times


the opus


ennobling a handshake
between arrangement and fate,
promise of future prospect
embedded in past project,
the side effects an aggregate,
distrust for the identified apostate,
who dares to drink at the same bars,
kiss on the same stage,
they are pointing fingers
as though no gun could lower

words words words all these words

bullion auction

carry the blue jay wherever you go,
fall you fast into the current
or lazy sleep you by the river’s eye,
carry the singer in your lapel,
for never you know when his notes
might give you the strength
to wear proudly your coat,
even with all the hangings
developed from life hitting harmonies
with matches and coal

Anonymous asked: what are the secrets of the Universe, since you're offering?

goat cheese is better than mozzarella, it doesn’t really matter how you pronounce it, and everybody lies

TMI Tuesday

ask me the secrets of the universe

wine bottles and pacifiers

why is it only
winter feathers
that oscillate?
I am never the right
when I take flight,
and yet there are times,
where I can feel the fire
stinging my ankles,
begging to burn through
the atmosphere
despite the ice that has overtaken
everything here,
sometimes I can make it
to the next town

gentle crow


waiting in the morass,
whose plot only just takes up
the northern shore of this
little island,
we sway, creatures that caw
and hang from trees, indigenous
and full of raw character,
ripe for the bog’s thickening


laughing at the people walking out of captain america before the credits are over like do you not understand how marvel movies work